Friday, July 14, 2017

4th of July

Can't believe another 4th July has come and went.

 I at least got one pic, her leg was hurting so bad (see previous post) she didn't even want to swim....that is how I knew I needed to take her to the ER.  
 But this little dude was all over swimming. 
 This was after we had taken her to the ER, she was suppose to be resting so we told her if she would sit in a chair with her leg up she could watch the neighbors shoot of some fireworks (and whatever we had) and then we did head to my parents to watch the fireworks in their back yard (one last time).
 Here was her leg several days after the antibiotic.  Was not pretty!

Happy Independence Day! So thankful for our freedom!!!

Softball Season.....

Another season has come to an end.  Love these girls and how hard they play--  And have fun.  We combined two partial teams this year and our team just meshed right from the start.  Always sad when it is over! 

 Sorry for the pics with the fence lines in it, didn't have my good camera.  And was too hot to go over the fence :) 

 Lots of naps in the car
 Heading out for a weekend stay

 For some reason I just loved this picture.

 3rd place after a long hot weekend of back to back games.  I think we played in 11 games in 44 hours.  CRAZY!!!

 Praying after one of the game ever
 Never know who you will run into.....:) 
 This was our last league game....and she had to sit it out.  The weekend before she was hit twice in the leg with a pitch and bruised her pretty good, 2 days after that her leg starting getting really red and hot so took her to the ER and she had a skin infection.  The nurses said she could come to the game but it was on the bench with her leg up.  Poor girl was devastated.  Felt so bad for her.

STREEEETCH....the girl was out.

So proud of the team and the player she has become!!

Totally Random Post

Kids having a sleepover at Uncles...

 How we entertain ourselves at long events :) 

 Kids with phone cameras.....

 for about 10 months now I have been battling a knee injury, lots of therapy, resting, ice, heat, tape and so on.  Finally had an MRI done to see what is going on with this crazy knee....Hope to know something in a couple of over it. Ready to hit the pavement more than once every so often.....

 Just a boy and his dad.....and Walmart

 My co workers decorated and celebrated with some great food for my birthday!

And the husband and kids got me Sirius Radio for my car....90's on 9 all the way ;) 

Hunter has been having swim lessons in our pool and enjoying learning some new swim strokes.  He is a total fish!!!

 And there is just a girl and her dad....she wouldn't let him go to work!!

Couple of us went to eat for Zo's bday and he ended up on the saddle!!  Not by his choice but looks like he is enjoying it.