Thursday, June 15, 2017

School Activities

Finally trying to catch up on some blogging (Thanks Laurie for inspiring me) :)   Just some end of year activities from school/graduation, etc.

Hamburger Cookout with the kiddos!

Reanna's last choir concert
 5th Grade Field day.  They started something new this year with the 5th graders where they have a track and field day against all the schools.  Reanna placed 3rd in the Softball throw, 2nd in her 4x50 relay and 3rd in her 4x100 relay and the school got 2nd overall.  What an awesome day and tribute for a local teacher.  

 School Music Program.  She had a duet and did very well.  I may or may not have been in tears!!

 Hunters Field Trip

Our host girls last day before they went home!! Miss them!!
Z's graduated!!!
 What would it be if we had a day without selfies :) 

 Last day of 2nd Grade.....Last Day of 5th grade.  My babies!!!!!

 They might have been rolling their eyes at me taking all these pictures!!

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