Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hunters Surgery Round 2

The week before school was out, Hunter went in for surgery to have his tonsils out.  He had been fighting with strep through quite a bit and they finally decided to get those things out.  He did great.  He never once cried, he never was in any pain and healed so well!  So very grateful for all the thoughts and prayers for him!!

Getting ready to go back. 
I don't have any after pics as I was cuddling him....

His coach from his baseball team brought him over this basket of goodies from the team, there was crackerjacks, baseball cards, Little Debbie baseball cakes and a baseball that was signed by his team.  So awesome they did this for him!! 
 Some of his other buddies brought him over some Popsicles and checked on him. 
 Then aunt duh and uncle craig spoiled him with more ice cream and popsicles, Nana and Papa and Susie brought him legos......he was feeling spoiled!!!  And I was eating way too many popsicles :) 

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