Thursday, June 15, 2017

All Schools Day

Lots of happenings during our All Schools Day week.

First up was the May Fete.  Lots of groups come out and dance, sing, tumble, etc.  Each year the 5th grade girls wind the May Pole!

 The All Schools Day parade---Reanna got to walk with DARE in the parade.
 And we sat back and watched. 
 We didn't have to build a float this year, but was very bittersweet as we should have helped in building this float for Kooper.  
 Our Elementary School float.  Thought it was very cute!!! 
 Reanna holding the banner.  Essay winners got to carry the banners. 
 Next up.....5th grade madathon!

 And finally we finished off the night with the carnival.  I have not been to the carnival in probably 10+ years.  The kids have never really been interested and it is always so dang expensive with rides that sometimes work.  However this year the kids (and their friends) talked me into it.  :) 

Love this tradition our city puts on.  Fun for everyone!!

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