Thursday, April 27, 2017


So many Random Pictures!

Chopped live in my kitchen!
 Look at this sweet little man--Collin
 Once in awhile Dad and Mom get a date night!
 Boys watching the college girls play!
 I am finally starting to get things on the walls.  Their rooms are still in progress, both need new bedding and a few more things I am working on but getting there :) 

Reanna's poster collage.  Some of these are signed by the teams.
 Hunters...again signed by some/all of the players. We have a couple more posters we want to add just need to get them.
 His curtains made from football jerseys.  Yes....a pinterest idea....what else?
 Movie night at Beauty and the Beast with my kiddos. 

 Practice is always fun in the rain.   

 Both kiddos leading worship with the camp worship team.

 Bridal shower for our favorite...Katie.
Reanna working on her babysitting clinic. 
 And she passed!!
 Some of the 'hood' kiddos dressed up in elf and Christmas costumes and when out to play in the rain.
 They called themselves the "Christmas Sandlot Gang".  Where do they come up with this stuff??
 We took Cade to see Smurfs for his 3rd birthday.  He loved the movie with Hunter and Renanna :) 
 Our pool is officially open for the season. The kiddos and Steve went swimming this past week.  It was a little (LOT) cold for me.

 As I said a very random post.  Trying to document (and catch up)!!

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