Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Easter!

This year's Easter was a little mom called me at 12:30am on Easter morning telling me my brother was going to the ER, he was have ab pain and vomiting.......same symptoms of 2 years ago.....everything flashed back.....after getting off the phone it was difficult to sleep.  I think from 12:00am-10am I had 2 hours of sleep and Easter was at my house.  My mom called around 4:00 am saying that he was having a flair up and a blockage but they had him on some meds and he was sleeping.  By late morning he was feeling better.  We went on with Easter, my aunt helped a ton and did the main part of the meal since my parents were with Zo.  We didn't end up making it to church that morning but all in all a good day! And after a couple days in the hospital, he is doing much better.

The weekend before Easter, Hunter was scheduled to have a tournament.  However it was cancelled, so we made a last minute decision to head to the zoo for an egg hunt.  We had a few friends join us and meet us there.
 A Jessi photo bomb :) 

 Yes the girls have their hoodies on backwards, it was their overflow storage.

 For Easter my parents had this family photo drawn up for us.  A girl in town free hands photos, amazing.  And she was able to incorporate Kooper into it.  LOVE!
 Easter weekend was the annual egg hunt in town.  Reanna was too old to participate and she had practice so I took Hunter. This will probably be his last year. :(
 Easter Morning (after the already long morning).  They were up at 5:45 am!

 The Easter Bunny brought them Rollerbladers.  And mom and dad got them books, baseball/softball stuff. 
 His new bag, tags and all.  Hunter, I think you have the wrong helmet on :) 
 They didn't get to wear their Easter outfits to church so I made them dress up for lunch and take pics!!
 Koopers Annual Easter Lily
 These pics are a little out of order.  Here are some pics of egg decorating.

 Reanna made these for the lunch. 

 A wet and cold egg hunt for the kiddos but they enjoyed it and Tucker enjoyed hiding the eggs for the kids. 

Happy Easter.  He is Risen!

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