Sunday, March 5, 2017

Winter School Social

The school holds an annual Winter Social.  This year it was themed around our One Book/One School project (This years book was "The World According to Humphrey").  This is where every family gets the same book and each night you read 1 chapter as a family and discuss, then they have activities throughout the week for the kids, ending with this social.

All the activities this evening were centered around the book theme!
Humphrey Maze
 This was actually taken during the day, they brought in a "hamster cage" for the kids to play in.
Hamster snack

With Humphrey
The next day was the "Grands" luncheon.  Nana was there!
Even though it is the grands luncheon Steve and I go since Papa is usually working and Papa Ray is just not able to come to these things.

Thankful for so much!!

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