Monday, February 20, 2017

Church Family Carnival

Our Family night for February was a Disney carnival.  Each volunteer centered their game around Disney characters.  They really did a great job!! And the kids had a blast.  No matter what age you were!!
 They even had carnival food, popcorn, nachos, cotton candy, pickles...YUM!!!

 Reanna was off with her friend so I didn't get many pictures of her....Here is what I got :) 

 Elsa even made an appearance.  I did have my pic taken with Elsa since the kids wouldn't but it was not a good picture of here is Elsa :) 

What a fun evening!

Saturday, February 18, 2017


TRP-Totally Random Post.   Found some pics on my phone and camera.....

You are never to old or big to sit on Nana's lap
 Like Father like son
 wait.......Like Father Like Son
 A couple weeks ago Reanna had to have 2 of her baby teeth pulled, they were not coming out on their own and the adult teeth were starting to wrap around the baby teeth.  So out these came.....And they were massive :) The tooth fairy visited.....she may have got extra for all the trouble.
 Hunters recent hair cut.  His choice!!
 The Little Mermaid with friends the other night.  The high school really puts on a great show!! 

 I found this on my phone....Hunter went with his friend Jimmy back in October to the Zombie paintball shoot.  I thought it might be really scary but he said it was really fun and they laughed at the Zombie's a lot.  :) He was talking 100 mile an hour when he came home!

Reanna's Season Part 2

And More photos of the rest of her season.  It seems to go so fast! 

 2nd Place 

 There may have been some cartwheel deals that went on at this game.

 1st Place Finish

 This was the last game of the season.  They pulled out a win followed by 2 TOUGH losses!  I hate to see them end a day let alone a season that way, but they learned a lot and the girls played hard.  Reanna had a great day despite the losses.  During one of the games she had 3 steals (I called these interceptions cause that is what they looked like ;)  right in a row, followed by a block and steal. 

And that wraps up another year.  So proud of you too sissy!!!

Hunter 2nd Half of Bball Season

More of Hunters Basketball season.

He really improved this season over last.  As always gives 100%.   We are proud of you buddy!!