Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reanna Bball-1st half

Reanna had 3 of 4 tournaments before year end.  As with Hunters, one got cancelled for weather.
Out of the 3 tournaments, they have taken 2nd place for 2 of them and 3rd place for one of them.

 Lunch time and Michael's Bday......Kim and Hunter were taking
 Giggly girls...Love them!!!

 She draws quite a few fouls and loves that free throw line :) 

 Medals...I was not in the right spot for that picture.

 And more medals!

 Dad loves keeping the books and time clock!

 As you can see by her face, this girl was not happy with Reanna, Reanna kept guarding her tightly.
 Shooting a technical shot.  Some girl plowed into Reanna with her elbows up.
So much fun watching my kids.  More to come! :) 

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