Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reanna Bball-1st half

Reanna had 3 of 4 tournaments before year end.  As with Hunters, one got cancelled for weather.
Out of the 3 tournaments, they have taken 2nd place for 2 of them and 3rd place for one of them.

 Lunch time and Michael's Bday......Kim and Hunter were taking
 Giggly girls...Love them!!!

 She draws quite a few fouls and loves that free throw line :) 

 Medals...I was not in the right spot for that picture.

 And more medals!

 Dad loves keeping the books and time clock!

 As you can see by her face, this girl was not happy with Reanna, Reanna kept guarding her tightly.
 Shooting a technical shot.  Some girl plowed into Reanna with her elbows up.
So much fun watching my kids.  More to come! :) 

Hunters 1st Half BBall Season

I decided to split up their basketball posts in each year, since I usually have tons of pics.  Hunter only had 1 game before the end of the year as one of them was cancelled due to the weather.

The first team we played this year was against his buddy Asher.
 Oh these boys!!!

Fun game to watch!!

2016 Christmas

Warning, there are tons of pics in this post!! And some are out of order.  Ugh...messes with my OCD but takes too long to rearrange :) 

Olaf joined us again this year.  I didn't get all the pics of what he did but he was busy.

 All the kids got letters from Santa (even an angel one for Kooper).  My husband did well ;) 
 This pic is a little out of place but more to come later on this.
 We took the kids on our annual shopping trips.  Hunter and I's date night.
 Daddy and Sissy

 We bought matching Jammies again this year.  This year's theme was Rudolph.  Wore these while we looked at Christmas lights.  So proud of my husband for participating.  lol

 I needed to finish up some Christmas shopping and Reanna was invited to our friends Bday party to watch sign.  So Hunter and I sat in the back of the theater to watch the movie while Reanna enjoyed the party.  Very cute movie by the way!!

 Then it was on to shopping and food.  Daimaru of course.
 This year I had about a week and a half off which just happened to fall during the time the kids were out so we were busy.  I need to insert a little piece for the record here....Steve and I were going to take the kids to Silver Dollar City right after Christmas.  As we approached Christmas we needed to decide what to do so we gave the kids the option of 1. going to Silver Dollar City or 2. Staying home and having time together.   After a short pause, Reanna pipes up and says "I think I just want to stay home" and then Hunter Says "I want to stay home too, I love being with my family".  Best thing to hear.  So that is what we did....spend time as a family.

Making homemade cookies were on the list.

 Another random pic.   All the snowflake ornaments my grandparents get for Kooper every year. 6 Christmas' without him! Love this tradition!
 The kids got to open presents early.....these were their jammies, movies, books and hot chocolate!

 Was so excited to decorate this year!  Loved being in our new home!

 We had Christmas at our house this year so while the cookies were baking the kids made take home gifts for the family :)  (thanks Jami for this idea)

 Cookies, Carrots and Milk for Santa

 Christmas Morning after Santa arrived

 The kids were thrilled that Uncle spent the night with us.
 Christmas morning with family

New addition to the family....Collin

 Mom made quilts for all the kids.  She even did up a small one in Memory of Kooper

 Hunter got a Ninja turtle blanket and Reanna's was Hot pink and blue prints.

 Christmas at my grandparents

Too end all of Christmas, my mom got a new knee and I got a new ride.  It was "kinda" for Christmas.  We had been talking about it a few weeks prior, so we gave mom a break after surgery and went to look, JUST LOOK and well we came home with it.  Loving it.  And mom is doing great with her knee!!! She is ready to do the other one.