Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Halloween

Another Halloween has rolled around.  Seems like it was just here.  Normally I am very organized and have their costumes ready to go and they have picked out what they want to do for their pumpkins long in advance.  But for some reason I wasn't quite that organized this year :) However we got it done, just in time.

 Hunter's finished product

 Reanna's finished product
 Little man was Elf on the Shelf....he was a pretty cute elf if I say so myself
 Sissy was McDonalds French Fries. It worked so well considering that is all I ate when I was pregnant with her :) 

 Trick or Treating
 Cade was in his Superman Pose
 We were finishing up for the night and standing outside talking when one of our local police officers drove down the street, saw the kids, stopped and gave them some candy.  The kids thought that was so cool that the officer stopped to give them candy.  Love our community and thankful for those protecting it!
 Later in the week, we had our Church family night, it was actually an ugly sweater contest, so the kids wore their elf costumes.  I have some pretty cute elves!  :)

 The next few pictures are from the downtown costume contest and carnival.  They enjoyed some time playing games at the carnival and then went on to the contest.  Hunter didn't place but Reanna won 1st place in her age group!!

Another year down, maybe as fast as it is going, we should get started thinking for next year :) 

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