Sunday, October 23, 2016

New House 2016

Picture OVERLOAD!!!!  I am finally posting pictures of our new house that we just moved into 3 weeks ago.  For the most part we are settled.  Still putting things where they belong and trying to remember where we put those things but getting there :)

 All I wanted was a mantel to hang my Christmas stockings from---so excited!!!!

 And we splurged a little and got a pool.  We have been able to swim in twice. But getting ready to close it for the season. 

 First things in his room.
 First thing in her room!
 I think this was one of our first nights at the house, they were crashed. 
 As we said goodbye to our old house, I did shed some tears even if it isn't very far.   Lots of memories in this house.

 We moved Koopers Tree

 Our First swim

So grateful to be able to do this!!! 

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