Sunday, October 23, 2016

Marathon Training

A little over 4 months ago, I decided I wanted to do a full marathon so I started training.  I got through 3 months and 2 weeks of my training plan when I got injured.  Long story short, I was not able to do my marathon........

Here are some pictures of my training along the way. This was my 12 miler.

 My Training plan
 16 miles! Not loving it :) 

 This was my 18 mile run, during this run, I fell around mile 3 or 4 and banged my shoulder and knee up pretty good, but I finished.  As you can see from my time it wasn't great but I did it :) Little did I know that this fall may have been the culprit to my injury 2 weeks later. UGH!
 I was smiling after a fall and 18 miles.

 Looked and felt worse the next day

 Found this verse in my runners magazine and thought it fit after my fall! I guess I should have read that earlier!
 I was just more proud of this run as it was a PR for me.  This I believe was before the crash!
 This was during therapy, he was taping me up trying to help that knee.  It ended up being IT band syndrome.  I may have recovered and been able to do the race if this would have happened earlier and gave me more time to heal.
 Lots of ice and stretching during my therapy
 This was my shirt for the race.  Will have to reuse it 
 I did go to the race and cheer my friends on. They were doing the half and I wanted to be there for them.  I did ok until we got to the chute and heard the music and saw everyone. I did shed a few tears.  It was hard not getting to do it but was so glad I was there. 
 SOOO proud of you all!!
And a big thanks to Lindsey and Mindy for getting my shirt and medal for me!!  I will always have a story to go with those :) 
 This was taken pre race.

So I have decided I am going to pick my self up and try again.  I start this week--a 6 month plan and am shooting for OKC in April.  The plan I found is not as intense and gives me longer to train and puts some cross training into it.  I think that may have helped build some of those leg muscles to help with the IT band but who knows.  Looking forward to trying again (I think) :) 

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