Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to School

For some reason these are all out of order....ugh, but I am too lazy to switch them all around.....

But anyway....I have a 5th grade and a 2nd grader this year.  How can that be????

Hunter on the first day with his teacher Ms. Cooke
 After we bought supplies! Yikes!
 Both my kiddos made the front cover of the district calendar :)
 Back to school night, getting his supplies ready!

 Reanna at back to school night with her teacher Ms. Sommers

 The kids have books about the grade they are entering,  that they read each year on the night before schools starts

 1st day of school pic for her!  Her last first day of school pic as an elementary student.
 His first day of school picture!

This is Reanna's first day of Kindergarten picture!! My baby girl!!

Hunters first day of Kindergarten pic.  Little man!  He hasn't changed a whole lot, a few missing teeth and some glasses :) And I guess he has grown 5 inches :) 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Fun

We had lots going on this summer.  Here is few random pics to sum up the summer :)

The kids helped with the younger preschool kids' VBS.  Then they participated at their own age group VBS!!

 The library put on a fun summer reading program. Both kids finished all their reading for their teachers, the school and the library.  For the school they both got in on an ice cream party for completing their reading!!

 We had a fun time with cousins when they came down to visit, we don't get to see them often enough!!

 My cousin and I on my new adventure.  Excited to be her new business partner :) 

 The kids both completed swimming lessons.  Reanna come to find out passed 2 levels in her 1 week session! And Hunter completed his level!  Yay!! Love my little fishes!

 Reanna did another year of the Wayne Simien Called to Greatness Basketball camp, it was great as always.  Hunter will get to participate next year. 

 Reanna received an award for giving 100%.  
 Reanna with Coach Wayne!!

 Both Kids sang in the back to school church program and the Blessing of the Backpacks. 

 Right before school started, we went to the movie in the park and watched Minions.....

 This was a not so fun in the summer.  We landed in the ER after she took a good fall and bruised her side.  She was complaining pretty good so thought I better be safe.   (You should have seen her side....WOW)  Good news was she was just fine and just bruised pretty deep.  All is good now! PTL!
 No words for this :) 
 A little sleepover fun with one of his buddies!
 The kids decided to host a lemonade stand a couple of days right after school started.  They wanted to raise money for a couple of charities.  They raised over $105 to split between 2 charities. I am so proud of these two and their giving hearts.  I hope and pray they keep this always.  They will go far with those kind of hearts!!!  

I am sure I missed some things but now we are back to school and routines.....crazy how fast summer went!