Sunday, August 21, 2016

Double Birthday

We doubled up on birthdays this year and hosted both the kids' birthdays together.  We rented out the water park for them. I venture to say fun was had by all both adults and kiddos!!!!

 Papa trying to fall off the diving board :) 

 Dad's turn!
 Big Splash!
 The kids chose to not have gifts for their party this year.  All they requested was donations to a local charity that is hear in town. They received all of this below and more and then received over $150 to give to them as well. about a proud moment!!!! So very thankful for our friends who donated and for the kids who have such a caring heart. The organization was overwhelmed by the generousness of the kids!!! 
Happy 1/2 birthdays to my babies!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hunters Teeth

Hunter finally had a loose tooth......He had been wiggling it a lot and nothing was happening, I got to noticing that the adult tooth was behind his baby teeth coming through. When we went to the dentist for cleanings he told us he would need to pull the loose one and pull the one beside....he also mentioned he probably needs braces....Yay! (insert sarcasm here) :) 

So here we are the day of the tooth pulling...this little dude was awesome they had to give him 2 shots one on each side of his mouth.  He didn't even flinch with the shots.  And did awesome when they pulled them.  So proud of him!!!

 He hit the jackpot with the tooth fairy.  She brought him $5 per tooth.  Inflation these days :) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lady Express 2016

Warning, LOTS of pictures!!! :) 

The girls got to run out on the field with the Mac College softball team.  It was really neat they got to got with the college player that they played the same position.

 Reanna mainly played Catcher..........
 However she did get to pitch several games through out the season.  This was their first tournament and they put her in :)

 Another game they had her pitch in.
 Playing in-field
 Her hitting improved greatly this year.  At one of the early games she hit a was great ;)  She had several good hits where she had RBI's or hit single or doubles. 
 It was just plain hot some days!!!!!

 Someone helped out as bat boy at one of the games!!!

 He got to be on the field after the game with the other coaches!

 I think she got 2 maybe 3 MVP awards this season.  You should see the smile on her face when she gets those! Priceless!
 This guy is a big, waits and watches some more...
 Takes it all out of her!
 This is there team pic after beating a team that they have lost several times to and by winning they got into the championship.

 They took 2nd place.

 Love this bunch of kiddos, they get along so well and have fun!  

 A little dancing and singing.
 Cheering on friends!
 End of season picture--they are a smidgen out of order ;) 

 Coach put her in as pitcher at one of the games.....she did awesome.  The whole game she had a couple walks the rest were strikes or hits in which the team pulled a double and a TRIPLE play.  So awesome.  They were pumped.  I was a little nervous when she was pitching but she couldn't have done better!! Very proud. 

Super proud of her and super proud of her team.  They fought through some hard games, worked together and improved.  Thankful for our patient giving coaches that put in 110% for our kiddos.
Another season done.....