Tuesday, July 26, 2016


So I am a little behind on posting.  Here are some pictures from my birthday and fathers day.

My coworkers are great...check out that spread...YUMMM...and the pictures of course :) 
 We spent my birthday at the ball part (wouldn't have it any other way).  Mid afternoon the girls were in the middle of a great game and it started down pouring....game over, tournament over.  So we loaded up and headed to the hotel.

 Swam a little
 And headed out for supper.....
 and a movie....LOVE THIS MOVIE :) 
 Sunday morning we were loading up and the kids could not wait to give dad his gift.
 The kids helped make this and Hunter even gave up some of his toys for this :) 

What a great weekend...helps making getting old a little better. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Hunter's Baseball Season

Pictures from Hunters Baseball Season.  He missed playing league by 26 days but that is ok, it all worked out.  He had fun playing and made some new friends so that was the main thing! We love watching him play, he give it his all no matter what.  :) 

Daddy helped coach a few times.

 At one of the games the pitching machine was not working so they had someone come in and pitch....it was our friend Emmy
 He loved catching and his sister even gave him a few pointers :)

 Most important--snacks and medals ;) 

Great season, Great Team and Great Fun!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Quick Trip

About a month ago we had a quick trip to Colorado for our friend Jared's wedding.

Quick pics of the mountains

 Heading into Estes Park

 The groom and his mom...

 Ate at this neat restaurant that did smores for dessert.  Even over a fire :) 

And that is the extent of the pictures for our quick trip....Left on Saturday come home Sunday.  Hated that it was short, but we made it :)