Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kooper Gallery

Some recent pictures for my littlest man's gallery

For memorial day the kids wanted to get Kooper a baseball instead of flowers or anything else :)
 Memorial Day....We added the baseball and then my aunt and uncle put on the K flag and my grandparents did a homemade heart with a sock monkey. 

He would have played Tball this year so we headed to the fields and created a pic for the gallery there.  Somedays it just hurts so bad knowing that he would be doing this and I can't watch him do it.  I just try to fill that hurt with pics like these.
 Then a friend of ours (Lindsey) was in San Jose Del Cabo and took these pictures for us.  So neat!!!!  Thank you so much Lindsey
 Love this one with the water washing up!!!

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