Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another School Year comes to an end!

Just some pictures as the kids were winding down the school year.
Hunter with his birthday treats he took to school.

 This was beach day....

 End of school BBQ
 I didn't catch one with Sissy.  She was socializing with friends :) 
 Field Day-I was able to go and help...we had the torch run event :) 

 Last day for this 1st grader and 4th grader...
 Hunters class did a program on the continents the last day of cute!!!!!

 The kids made their guest dirt and worms...YUM!
 Hunter posing for the moms with this "girls".  So far they have been in class together since Preschool!
 His last year with this teacher.....  We will miss her so much!!
 Reanna with her teacher.  We will miss her but she won't be far :)

What a great year.  The kids topped it off with excellent grade cards.  Couldn't have asked for better!!!  Here is to 2nd grade and 5th prepared for lots of 5th grade posts.....and I am sure I will be in tears behind the computer :) 

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