Thursday, June 16, 2016


This little man turned 7 a few weeks ago....I can't even believe it. I know I say that every year :) 

 He wanted McDonalds pancakes for Breakfast
 We did a little shopping at our favorite book store in town, I think he found "a couple" of books!

Then we headed to Carlo's his choice.....

 He got lots of goodies that he was excited about!!!!
 And what better way to top it off.....fried ice cream

This year the kids are doing their bdays a little different and sharing their party at the water park.  More pics about that later :) 

Happy 7th bday little guy.  You are a very smart, funny, ornery little guy but we wouldn't want you any other way. We Love you so very much!!   

For the records :)--Hunter still clocks in on the growth chart somewhere around the 10th percentile for height and weight.  He loves sports, reading and super heroes.  He is very passionate about Jesus and truly knows him in his heart.  I pray he continues that passion and shares with others.  In school his teachers say he is such a good friend, again something I hope he keeps for life. 

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