Monday, May 30, 2016

All Schools Day

Another All Schools Day has come and gone, and this last year we did not have to build a school float.  It was very bittersweet......but we did get to walk in the parade with my workplace.....

The Work Crew!!
 Hunter was cracking me up here.  He was introducing friends to each other.  :)  
 Handing out Candy and Flyers!

 Later that evening, there was a big event including home run derby's and a celebrity baseball game.  The event was a fundraiser for a local boy who has been battling cancer for several years.  So grateful for an amazing community that pulls together for each other! 

They did the derby by age groups.  Here is Hunter.....each person got 5 balls.  Hunter missed 3, hit one to short stop and "nipped" one (those were his words) :) 

 Reanna's turn.  She had a couple of good infield hits.  Neither of them got a "home run" but I was so proud of them for getting out there and trying.  Especially since it was for a great cause!!

 The celebrity baseball game was a hit, we had several friends involved in this.  We enjoyed watching them play. 

Ok so the next two pictures I may be considered a creeper :) LOL...however we had a special hometown celebrity in the game, this is Tanner, he played football here in McPherson, went on to play college football at KU (yay!!!) and now is in the NFL.  Hunter was so excited to watch him play...even though it wasn't football!!  :) 

Everyone always looks forward to All Schools day,  such a fun day, just another reason we love where we live.

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