Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break.....

I apologize in advance, there are tons of pictures.  Here is our spring break....

A little Cade time.  He is just growing up too fast.
 Then we headed to Topeka to stay with my cousins for a few is her baby....Ellie Mae! And we also got some Cashton time.--No pics.
 The next morning we headed to Lawrence for Hunters baseball camp with the Jayhawks!!

 Getting instruction from one of the players.

 Lunch at the Salty Iguana.....YUM!!!

 That afternoon we headed to the Discovery Center in Topeka.

 He wasn't happy that the bigger cars were taken and that he had to ride the trike but he went with it :) 

 My cousin Amber had my camera......

 Day 2 of Camp
 Coach Price

 Getting autographs from the team.

 After camp we went and ate and decided to come back to Allen Fieldhouse to shop and run up some time before we headed to the KU Baseball game.  As we were going toward the Fieldhouse, my cousin spotted some buses and some people and said "Hey I bet the team is heading out" we ventured over there and sure enough the team was leaving for their game.  The kids got front row to meet the team and get autographs. Best.Spring.Break.Ever :) So Amber and I were kind of like high school girls again, we were just as excited if not more than the kids were to meet them....LOL

 Evan Manning

 Devonte Graham

 Clay Young

 And my favorite......Wayne Seldon....those eyes!

 Coach Self

 Reanna asked him for a Selfie :) LOL
 Brannon Greene

 Jamari Traylor

 Frank Mason

 Sending them off!
 On to the baseball game.

 The campers got to go in to the dug out and then went out with the players on the field during the National Anthem.

 We made the Smile Cam on the Jumbo Tron but I wasn't fast enough to snap a pic......
 There was some heavy rain and lightening that moved in so they had to postpone the game while it went through. We headed to AF and waited it out.

 Yes that is my hubby in his OU stuff :) 

 Time to leave.  We all had a great time and we are looking forward to the
Holiday KU Basketball Camp.  
And a big thanks to Amber and Jesse for hosting us!!!
 The next evening we were home so uncle had the kids do an art project to hang in his new house.
 Reanna also had a camp this week, softball camp with the HS girls.  I don't have any pics but her and her friend got 2nd in their "handshake" and won this...... a softball bow and sunflower seeds :) 
To finish off the week, we signed papers to start on our new house.....we have been working on plans for awhile.  They should be digging soon.  Yay!!!

Thankful for a funfilled week!!

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