Monday, March 7, 2016

One of my random posts

The things you find when you clean pictures off your phone :) 

Little Cade man!!

 Hunter and Nana created these from scratch out of legos...Hunter has been obsessed with Pacman recently :)

After making their PacMan legos, it was on to cookies.. He will make a good husband some day!!

 Over the last month, my little man has had a major ear infection and another bought of Strep throat so it is off to the Ear, Nose and Throat Dr we go next month.  

Silly girls watching bball games

 Reanna loves to take pictures and send them to everyone :)
 Two Saturdays ago,  Hunter had a birthday party so sissy and I went and had pedicures.  Love spending girl time with her!!! 

My friend Melisa ran across this pic of Reanna and Mallorie and sent it to me.  Talk about a throw back....they were soooo little.

A new addition to the family....Meet Bo!--Tuckers new dog

 Reanna helping with supper the other night....those are ribs on the grill....they were delicious!!
This past Saturday was a Winter Getaway for the 2nd-6th graders at our church.  Other churches from around the area came as well and they spent the day doing crafts, worship and fun!  Reanna was very intent on her project!

That's all the random for the moment :)

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