Thursday, February 4, 2016

School Stuff

Just cleaning out some random pictures of the kids and their school activities :)
Reanna's Insect Project
 There are several pictures of Reanna at their Starbase school program.  They go to learn about math, science and technology in a 5 week (once a week) classroom program.  I was able to attend 4 of the 5 and Steve was able to do 1 of those.  I actually enjoyed it and learned a lot!!!


 Hunters 100 days of school shirt he made

 Back to Starbase :)  Rocket Launch

 Making their snowflakes--another random in the midst of Starbase!

 Christmas time at school

 A visit from the High School Choir, our friend Molly!!
 A special Visitor
 The water festival

 The past couple of years each student takes a book home and as a family you read the book.  This years pick Charlotte's of my favorites!!!!

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