Saturday, February 20, 2016

4th Grade Ladypups

 Warning....lots of pictures of the rest of Reanna's bball season....

Starting off with a random picture.  The girls at one of the high school games.

 2nd Place

 Some special visitors....Amber and Cashton (and Peggy too)
 The little brothers playing....just before this picture they were playing tackle football with a lid to the a water bottle :) I guess whatever makes them happy!
 Reanna had to guard this girl that was almost a head taller than her.  She did so well guarding that you could visibly tell that the girl was getting frustrated :) 

 This was taken just before she took it all the way to the basket for a layup....of course I missed that shot!

 This was the game she had 16 points in. 

 Ended the season being champions.

 The girls got to attend the high school girls game, go into their locker room for pregame and sit "behind the bench", however it wasn't quite behind the bench.. But they didn't

 Insert random picture...but it was a good action shot
 Their last event of the season was last night, they all attended the high school game again.  The girls were invited to raise money for a local cancer group by shooting free throws and collecting donations.  Then at half time they were recognized and got to be on the court while some local cancer survivors were recognized.

 A special friend/cancer survivor on the far left.  

 Halftime of the boys game was Homecoming....another special friend Megan was up for queen.
 And then more special friends..... a pretty princess and a cute little prince (which was shown earlier playing with Hunter while at their sisters game) :)
 Then it was on to watching the JV girls play.  Our neighbor who also has babysat the kids was playing. (Can you see a pattern of a night of special friends :))  Reanna loved watching her play.

 Of course she wanted pictures with her!
 And Megan too!

What a great season the girls had, they learned so much and have progressed a lot since last year.  You see them really coming together understanding the game and working with each other.  Until next on to softball!