Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hunters 2016 Season

Today was Hunters last basketball game.  Can't believe it is already over.  He had a great season.

 Very intent

 Playing against some of his buddies.

 Against more buddies

 Medal time, his favorite part :)

 Good Job, Green Ninja Turtles :)  You guys did awesome this year!!!

 Another momma taking pictures.....
 My turn :)

Name Gallery #12

Just a few pictures for Kooper's Gallery.

This was from our Turner Cousins, they were visiting the beach (and Disneyland) in California and sent these to me!!  Thank you!!!!

 This is the name my brother was given for his angel tree this past Christmas. Zo wasn't the one to pick it...What a "God Wink" (there is a story behind that).  Not quite the same spelling but the first time I had seen it with a "K". He gives us little nudges every so often :) 
Love you momma's boy!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year everyone.  Now that we are almost done with January :) 

New Years Eve was a nice relaxing evening.  My cousins Amber, Peggy and Cashton came down to celebrate with us.

My daughter went to a New Years Eve Slumber party.  Sounds like lots of fun and giggles!  
 And I spent the evening at my parents with these cutie pies :)  My cousin Chelsea's baby.  He is so sweet and such a good baby!!
 I was kind of a baby hog the whole weekend.  

 On a side note, before the new year my other friend Sarah had a baby...sweet Sadie welcome to the world!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2016!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Last Christmas of the Year!

Our last Christmas was actually after the first of the year but it was the last one of the year :) 
We celebrated at my grandparents house.  

 He ALWAYS has a stocking like everyone else!

 We have lots of new cousins every year....Bennett
 This was Cades 2nd (We were missing several more little ones and added another one 2 days after)


 Koopers 2015 Ornament from GG and Papa Don.  So thankful that they do this for us!
 Gift Exchange Game

I forgot to blog about Hunter doing the prayer at church again this year over the Operation Christmas Child boxes.  He is so good at praying, he wrote it all by himself.  Praying for the children that receive the boxes.