Monday, December 7, 2015


Our thankful banner.  Loved seeing what the kids are thankful for.  Comes straight from their hearts.  I don't think either kid wrote down materialistic items, so very proud of them!  I hope they keep that!

Thanksgiving Day was pretty low key since we had Thanksgiving already at GG and Papa Don's. So we just got together for lunch and to chill out! 

However we had some talent :) My uncle made this turkey--by himself.
And Cassie made this fancy layered rainbow jello casserole.  
   Poor Tucker, Reanna is almost as big as he is :)
  Love this picture of the kiddos 

A full belly means nap time! 
 Black Friday ads were a big hit!

We did go do a little Black "Friday" shopping that evening.  I had a couple of things I wanted to get and thankfully was able to get those.  The weather started getting a little icy but we made it there and back just fine! Thankful for God, family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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