Thursday, December 31, 2015

Polar Express Train Ride

For Christmas for our family, we headed down to Oklahoma to ride the Polar Express Train Ride.  Warning there are LOTS of pictures!!

Getting our matching jammies on.....on a side note before you see some of the pictures you should know that I kind of messed up on the guys' jammies and got them girls tops, so needless to say they don't fit "quite" right.  However we have all had a huge laugh from it. 

 Train Depot

 Opening their gift before boarding the train....Polar Express Book/Ornament

 Don't mind my was a little damp that day so it was a tad bit frizzy and crazy :) 

 Check out the guys' shirts :) bahaha
 It's the hobo!

 Asking Reanna what she wanted for Christmas and of course she said a Phone, so he wanted to know if it was the flip kind or the new kind :)
 Cookies and hot chocolate
 They read the book during the ride

 The hobo "found" a ticket and funny thing was his name was Tiffani.  The kids thought that was hilarious!!
 Punching their tickets.


 BELIEVE for her too!
 "The North Pole"
 Santa boarded the train!

 Hey look Reindeer :)

 He wanted a puppy and she wanted a phone!

 Nana trying to convince Santa she is good :) 

 The silver bell, the kids said they could hear it!!

 After the train ride, cotton candy, popcorn and whatever else they had.  The kids got to go ice skating. They were a little shaky at first........

 We know Kooper was with us the whole time!

 but not to long later they were doing spins and not slowing down!!

It was an AMAZING trip.  So thankful that we got to do this.  I think we will try to make a tradition out of doing something similar to this every year.  Love making memories and watching the smile on the kids' face and the sparkle in their eyes.  Made my Christmas!!!