Sunday, November 15, 2015


Events from Halloween!

 Daddy working on costumes

 Reannas finished product--a candy apple--it won 1st place in the pumpkin contest
 Hunter finishing his

 His little cute!
 This was at the downtown Halloween Costume Contest--Hunter won 1st place in his age group as a firepit.

 And Reanna won 2nd place in her age group as the S'more!

 Playing games at the carnival

 She won a cake from the cake walk at the carnival---she picked this one out and decided to have a plan with it--we were going to wait until the next night to eat the cake and then we would watch the Royals while we ate it :)
 Trick or Treating Hunter's teacher.
 And a cute little pirate we got to see :)
And with that another Halloween has come and gone!  

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