Thursday, October 8, 2015

Surgery Day

Towards the beginning of September, we had to take Hunter to Children's Mercy for Surgery.  We weren't exactly sure what they would do until we got there.  After meeting with the Dr. we found out he had an umbilical hernia, groin hernia and a hydrocele that all had to be repaired.
Before Surgery
 Waiting to go in.
 Here was his "tattoo"--  That is what he called it when they marked which side the hydrocele was on.
 Gowned up ready to go.  
 Just waiting! Coloring and he even got to pick out the flavor of his anesthesia....he chose bubble gum!
After math!

He did AWESOME.  He didn't cry going in, he didn't cry afterwards and didn't even need any pain medicine after we left the hospital.  The nurses called him a rock star.  He has been "feeling" much better since he had these issues taken care.  We were so impressed with everything about the hospital-- staff was amazing. Dr. was super and the hospital was amazing.  I was mesmerized when I walked in.  They had murals all over, tables for the kids to color and draw at, tv's with kids shows.  Everything :)  We were very thankful to be sent to such a great place, can't say enough about it....obviously!! ;)

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