Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

For our October Church Family night we headed out to P & M Pumpkin Ranch.  The owners of the ranch go to our church and their kiddos are in the same church classes as my kiddos, so it perfect event for family night and the kids love to see their friends in "action" on their ranch!!

Yeah she is getting too tall!!

And he is growing too!

 My favorite part!  I want one!!

 We let the kids lead us though the maze, and they actually did well....
 and got us out!
 As we were walking out of the maze, I looked up and saw this rainbow, 2 things come to my mind ALWAYS when I see a rainbow.  1.  God's promise to us.  2.  Kooper. He was letting us know he was with us on family night :)

Some of the stations were closed due to the rain but it was a beautiful night and we enjoyed ourselves.  Thankful for the fun time with our church family!

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