Saturday, October 10, 2015

Harlem Ambassadors

Our city brought in the group called the Harlem Ambassadors.  They are a scaled down version in my opinion of the Harlem globetrotters :)  The ambassadors played against local principals, pastors and previous HS players.  It really was fun to watch, I think I enjoyed it more than the kids :) 

Our friend, Chris getting in on the action.
 Our youth pastor Jim getting ready to pass......
 which in turn became a shot and an an airball that turned into push ups!!!
 The kids' principal doing a little dance
 And then somehow the bball game turned into a football game!
 It was so awesome to see everyone who participated in this.  

 After the game they did a meet and greet. The girls got to meet them all and have shirts signed.  Hunter didn't go since he had just had surgery but sissy got him a shirt signed for him.

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