Sunday, October 18, 2015

All about Hunter!

A couple of weeks ago my dad, Steve and Hunter headed to Salina, on their way home they found this.  He was beyond thrilled!

Hunter was given this digger and we finally got it put out in our little sand pile.  Kept him busy :)

 And sissy had to try it as well!
 Hunter had a football card this past week which sparked Steve to pull out all of his old baseball, football, basketball, etc cards that he had collected when he was younger.  We told Hunter he could have them.  He then decided he wanted to start collecting his own.  So we bought him his own book, pages and some packages of cards. (I think we have created a monster already).  

This is what he and his dad did tonight.  Loved listening to the conversations going on.  He was very intent on listening about the cards, teams and players.  When we told him he could keep them on his book shelf, he was so excited.  It is something he and his dad can do together and pass on to his son someday. 

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