Sunday, October 18, 2015

All about Hunter!

A couple of weeks ago my dad, Steve and Hunter headed to Salina, on their way home they found this.  He was beyond thrilled!

Hunter was given this digger and we finally got it put out in our little sand pile.  Kept him busy :)

 And sissy had to try it as well!
 Hunter had a football card this past week which sparked Steve to pull out all of his old baseball, football, basketball, etc cards that he had collected when he was younger.  We told Hunter he could have them.  He then decided he wanted to start collecting his own.  So we bought him his own book, pages and some packages of cards. (I think we have created a monster already).  

This is what he and his dad did tonight.  Loved listening to the conversations going on.  He was very intent on listening about the cards, teams and players.  When we told him he could keep them on his book shelf, he was so excited.  It is something he and his dad can do together and pass on to his son someday. 

Pumpkin Patch

For our October Church Family night we headed out to P & M Pumpkin Ranch.  The owners of the ranch go to our church and their kiddos are in the same church classes as my kiddos, so it perfect event for family night and the kids love to see their friends in "action" on their ranch!!

Yeah she is getting too tall!!

And he is growing too!

 My favorite part!  I want one!!

 We let the kids lead us though the maze, and they actually did well....
 and got us out!
 As we were walking out of the maze, I looked up and saw this rainbow, 2 things come to my mind ALWAYS when I see a rainbow.  1.  God's promise to us.  2.  Kooper. He was letting us know he was with us on family night :)

Some of the stations were closed due to the rain but it was a beautiful night and we enjoyed ourselves.  Thankful for the fun time with our church family!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Angel!

Last Tuesday was Koopers Birthday.  We started off the Sunday before by attending the annual Day to remember at Wesley.  I looked around the packed chapel and thought how unfair it is to see so many people who have lost their babies.  So sad but so grateful for the hospital putting the ceremony on.
 That following Tuesday, the day of his bday, I took a vacation day.  The morning I spent looking at his pictures, listening to songs and of course shedding many tears.  After the kids got out of school we took balloons over to him.  When we got their we found a Jungle Happy Bday Balloon that his Aunt Duh had left for him.  We put out 4 white balloons since he is 4!
 Then we release some to him!

 Up, Up and Away to my beautiful boy in the sky!  Love and Miss him terribly!  Today (the day I write this post) was 4 years since his funeral.

 I also recently received these pics for his Name Gallery.  My cousin and her husband took this at Mount Rushmore in Keystone, SD.  Another state checked off the list.

 And my friend Tina took this on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, CO.  Love seeing new places!!
 Happy Birthday Angel!!  We wish so much you could be here with us but we know you shine down on us and are with us all the time. Love you bubby!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Zoo "Run" for Crohns & Colitis

A week ago, there was a Zoo Walk that raised money for Crohns and Colitis--I found out about this when he was in the hospital and suggested to our family that we all walk it.  (Well Lorenzo and I were going to run it but we found out it was mainly a walk and we were ok with that :))  

We had tons of people support this event whether it was financially, in person, in spirit or whatever it may have been.  We are so thankful for all of you!!! Our team "Zo's Crohnies" came in 2nd in fundraising.  Here are some brief highlights of the day.

 Group Pic
 So there are two ladies that are "poking" his gluts in the next couple of pics to "help" his muscles kick into gear :)  Without a whole lot of detail--these ladies mean a lot to Zo and our family.  

Of course, made them pose for pics...:)
 And one with Hayden

For my family and friends dealing with Crohns and Colitis, I continue to pray for a cure so that you may live your life without this nasty disease. 

And for those that are caregivers and supporters to all of those with this disease or family members of those, I pray for strength for you to help them as they battle this disease.  

Love to you all!