Monday, August 17, 2015

Take me out to the ballgame.....

A "few" highlights from Hunter's coach pitch season.  I will say that this kid gives it 110%.  So proud of him!! 
 This season he was on his buddy Cole's team.

 Silly girls going to cheer them on.  

 His sister taught him this :)
 "Pitching" -- Love his hat here.  That happened mid game.
 But the hat didn't last long!

 Sis helping in the dugout!

 Down and Ready!

 This was our last game. Medals and team pictures.  However we were short a few of our players :(  Funny story about this game, both coaches were gone and asked if Steve and I could help coach, however Steve was working so I stepped up and said I would do it--I was hoping I could do it ;)  Luckily a couple dads helped me out and the 3 of us coached and also a thank you to Mindy and Chris for sticking around making sure we were good to go and seeing if we needed any help (and for cheering me on) :) 

He makes me smile!!
 Hunter and his buddies, Cru and Asher.  This was taken after their teams played each other.
 Love these boys!!!

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