Friday, August 14, 2015


For this summer, we had been planning a trip to San Antonio in June.  However with everything that was going on with my brother, we decided it was best for us to stick around here.  So we traveled down the road a little ways and had ourselves a little Staycation.  Reanna was playing ball all 3 days so we decided to make the most of it  :)

After the ball games, we arrived at the hotel and the kids went swimming of course,  after that it was some mommy time.  So I headed to the workout room and ran for the first time in weeks, and what was even better was someone had friends on the TV, what could be better than running and friends at the same time :)
 The next evening after the ball games, we headed out to an older "playcenter".  This included go karts, mini golf and the arcade!
Off they go

 Then it was time to get into the big carts and daddy was driving.

 I don't think I won at mini golf.....I am pretty sure everyone else in the family and probably the park had a better score than I did.  Glad it was for fun! 

 And we finished up the evening in the arcade.  You will notice the big kid!

Once we collected all our tickets--we picked out our prizes (which took forever for them to choose and I probably could have bought them the same prize a whole lot cheaper, but what is the fun in that).  

I have decided it doesn't matter where you go or what you do, or that plans were changed, what matters is who you are with.  Love them so much!!

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