Friday, August 14, 2015

...."Like the 4th of July"

Sorry for the title but I had that song stuck in my head as I was writing this!!

The 4th of July was pretty low key, morning was pretty quiet and then we loaded up and headed to the Hospital to spend it with Zo.  (Do you see a pattern of how our summer went) :)  He knows we are teasing!!

The reason for the Holiday.  Thankful for our Freedom!!
 And of course pictures.  My kids LOVE pictures!

 We sat outside and watched the fireworks all around us, it was actually pretty cool.  

 Family Picture time

 I can only imagine what was going on in this picture.......I am pretty sure I know....LOL

 The next evening we spent shooting off some Fireworks at Nana and Papa's. 

Happy Independence Day!

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