Sunday, August 23, 2015

Church Camp

This was Reanna's 2nd year to attend church camp.  

We had to fit all this in her bag....
 Success :)
 Just a couple of the girls that also went to camp.  
 All of the rest of these are pictures she took!!

 There were a couple pics of the swimming pool, I think they spent several hours here....

 Not too shabby!!

 Learning about animals

 Worship time


 Thought this was a cool picture....

 I believe this was a picture of the horse stables before they went riding.
Also some things she told me they did but didn't have pictures of was Canoeing and Riflery.

She had another great year.... made some new friends, reconnected with current friends and spent time with God!!

Summer 2015

Just some random pictures from Summer.

Swimming with Friends

 She loves selfies :)

 Family time

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Softball Season 2015

This was Reanna's first year to play softball since she was in 1st grade playing Tball.  I worried just a little since she hadn't played in so long.  But she went out and did just fine.  She played catcher most of the season.  
These pictures are a little random but here goes...

1st Game playing catcher.

 A little ice cream afterwards to celebrate 2 wins.

 This little guy was a trooper all summer long.  He sat through days of games and the heat with little complaining!!
 And this is what you do between tournament games (go see the In and Out Movie) :)

 The girls really meshed well.  Thankful for good teammates!

 Nothing is complete with out a selfie of someone!!
 Liv and Reanna

 MVP of the tournament game.  

 League Picture- The girls took 2nd place in their league!!!

 Tournament Champions---they had a rough first day of tournaments but brought out their A game for the 2nd game and won it all.  Very Proud of them!!

We were able to catch some of our friends games along the way (Mal, Carter, and Reese) but wasn't able to get pictures with all of them :(

Thanks to all our family and friends who came out and watched (both kids) play.  They LOVE having spectators :)