Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Graduation 2015

Tucker Graduated High School this last May.  Can't believe he is old enough!! He should just be Hunters age :)

A few pics from Graduation!

 A special friend of ours!!

 And some from the reception.
 My mom made this for him.  She did a great job on it!

Congratulations to the original "little man" :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kooper Gallery

Not too much of a Gallery but just some pictures I have collected the last couple of months.

I ran across this in the Public library.  A sorority I used to be in purchased this in Memory of Kooper when he passed. 
 Rainbows always make me think of him!
 Anytime the kids get balloons they want to send them to their brother. :) I just love how they never forget him. 

Into My Heart

One evening back in May, Hunter was being rather quiet so I went to check on him.  I found him at his CD player listening to the Song "Into My Heart" over and over and singing with it.  Him and I sat for a little bit and discussed what that song means to him.  He said he wanted Jesus in his heart and that he loves Jesus.  The following weekend he prayed the prayer with Miss Emily and asked Jesus into his heart.  What a heart for Jesus this boy has!!  He relies on him for so many things and knows that Jesus will take care of us.  We are so proud of you buddy!!! Always keep that love for the Lord!!

Song Lyrics:
Into my heart, into my heart, 
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus; 
Come in today, come in to stay. 
Come into my heart. Lord Jesus.