Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mothers Day

For mothers day gifts, the kids made tea towels with "hand" made flowers.

 They turned out so cute!!!
 On Mothers day, we went to church (where they made gifts for the mom...see later in the post) and then headed out for Lunch and the Zoo & Museum with the family.  I didn't get any pictures at the restaurant for some reason but here are just a couple from the zoo.

 That evening we curled up with a book and read.  I couldn't have been more happier!!
 The next two pictures are what the kids made me in church.  
This one is from Reanna:
My mom is 32.  She likes to Run.  The best things she cooks is spaghetti.  Her favorite food is Salad.  Her favorite thing to do to relax is take naps  (because that happens so often) :) She is really good at running.Thank you Lord for the gift of my mom.  She is special to me because She loves me and watches over me.  

Thank you sissy. You made me feel special!!

From Hunter: 
My mom is 31 years old.  She likes to play tag.  The best things she cooks is Mac and cheese.  Her favorite food is Taco.  Her favorite things to do to relax is watch a movie.  She is really good at cooking (gotta love this answer).  Thank you Lord for the gift of my mom.  She is special to me because She Loves me.

Thank You Buddy. 
 Then I also got this that Hunter made at school.  Complete with my picture :)
My mom's eyes are brown and her hair is brown.  My mom is 55 (changed to 32 after he came home and Reanna told him how old I am) :) My mom's favorite food is Taco.  My mom and I like to play tag together.  My mom is special because she loves me. 

Hunter's teacher got a big kick out of my age :)  

These gifts are so special to me. So proud to be the mother of my precious kiddos!! Mothers day is always a hard day. I am so happy being a mom and being with my older too but so sad as I want to have all my kiddos with me in my arms.  Miss the little guy so much.  Thank you kids for making mothers day wonderful!!

Also, So thankful for my mom.  Thank you for all you do for me and my family. And being there whenever we need you!!! We love you!!! Hope your day was special!! 

And we are thankful and love all the other ladies in our family.  

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  1. Wow, Tiff, you are older than me now. I am only 53 Ha ha ha