Saturday, May 9, 2015


A few weeks ago Reanna participated in the State Destination Imagination Competition.  Her and her team competed in the project outreach challenge. Their project consisted of helping out teachers in our school with the lower grade students.  The team read to the younger kids, helped them with math and played with them. 
So for competition they had to come up with a skit to explain to the judges what they did.They even had a cute little song :)

 Waiting for Results!
 1st medal of the day was a special medal.  They received the State Destination Imagination spirit award.  This went to one team in the state and Reanna's team won the award! 

 Their next medal was for 3rd place in their category.  

 Awesome Job Kiddos!

 Then last week the kids from our district who placed 1st place at State or received the "special" award were recognized at the school board meeting.  Very special for these kiddos. 

What an great program to have, it teaches them so many life skills to use in the future.  Very proud of them for their accompaniments!!

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