Friday, April 3, 2015

Roller Skating

A few weekends a go, our church rented out the skating rink for the families of our church.  Reanna had been once before but this was Hunters first time.

The rink has these walkers to help steady and keep your balance.  He used it most of the time but mid way in he was really picking up the footwork and some speed.  And he didn't want me to skate beside him :)

 Hokey Pokey

 Reanna and Miss Emily

 She won in the kids division of how wide can you go.  She also got 3rd in Limbo.  Free snacks!!
 Towards the end Hunter went without his walker, at first he was really nervous, hence the face but by the time we had to leave he was getting the hang of it.
I even enjoyed skating a little--hadn't been since grade school.,,,,Like riding a bike. 

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