Monday, April 20, 2015

Reanna's Baptism

In our church you are dedicated as a baby and then as you are older you are baptized.  There is always a baptism service right before Easter and as soon as Reanna heard this she started telling me she wanted to be baptized.  So we sat down with her and discussed what it means to be baptized and that she would have to get up and give her testimony as to why she wants to be and what it means to have Jesus in her heart. 
After that discussion that only made her want to go through with this even more.  

The evening of the baptism

 Giving her testimony.  She did so well and needless to say none of our family had a dry eye. Her love for the Lord is so amazing, I wish so badly that I could have that faith and trust like she does!! 
 In the name of the Father, 
 The Son,
 And the Holy Spirit.  

 Our Pastor and the Children's director prayed over her.  The prayer from the director that was specifically for her was amazing and so spot on.  Again tears for this mommy!!

 Just a little throw back from when she was dedicated.  She was around 3 months old here.  Sorry for the pictures, that was "way back" when my camera was not so great :) 

Reanna, we are so proud of you for making the decision to be baptized and to follow the Lord.  I hope you always keep your faith and stay true to what it means to you.  We love you!!!

And just for the the records.....Hunter was upset that evening because "Why does sissy get to go swimming and I don't"  :)  We explained to him she was not swimming and what she was doing!!  He seemed to take that a little better than before!! LOL!

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