Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yes, More Basketball!

After the girls played their league games, they went on to play in some MAYB tournaments.  LOTS of Pics :)

 Her Cheering section minus Aunt Duh, Craig, Tucker and Cade--they came later to cheer her on!

 1st Tournament-2nd Place

 2nd Tournament-3rd Place.  I didn't get a lot of pictures at this one.  This was a tough tournament and Reanna ended up getting too hot and got sick (literally) at the last game so we had to come home early.  The next morning I woke her up to see if she was feeling better.  Her response "Yes, now can we go play that game again".  Loves her basketball!

 3rd Tournament- 3rd Place
 She had some friends come and watch her play.  And then we will for ice cream afterwards.  They were both showing off their medals they had gotten that day.  Carter was for his wrestling!! Good Job Kiddos!!
 Goofy pic!
 Daddy helped with this tournament.  It was good for him to sit behind the scorers table :) And I think he enjoyed it!!

 4th Tournament-3rd Place--They were only 1 or 2 points from winning to get 2nd place.  It is so hard when you are that close.  But they did awesome as usual!

 Hunter and Piper playing a little 1 on 1

 This tournament they only had 5 girls playing--that meant no one gets hurt or sick.  They played like I never seen them play before.  Reanna  played well at her other games but this one she really come out and had a total of 12 baskets total for all 3 games--3 of 4 free throws and was really working the rebounds and steals.  So very proud.
 Reanna and Alex
 Ava, Reanna & Alex

 5th and Final Tournament and a 1st Place!!!  They not only got medals but a trophy that will travel around to the girls houses!!  That was so cool to them!

What an awesome season.  It was fun to watch them grow in their ball abilities.  Coach is already talking about next year!!! Thank you to all our family and friends for supporting her and us. And thanks to our awesome coaches!  They did great with the girls! So grateful!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Just some random pics I needed to post.

The kids and I went to the High School Play Beauty and the Beast.  An awesome performance!!
 Hunter received an award for his reading accomplishments.  I personally love him getting free happy meals :) Bring on more reading!!
 A couple of weeks ago was the kids' "grands" day at school.  Both my parents were able to go this year and then Steve was off so him and I went as well.  

 The girls won a contest at school and got to have a PJ day!!