Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jayhawks vs. Sooners

As most of you know, I am a big KU fan and Steve is a big OU fan so for Christmas, my parents bought Steve and I tickets to the KU vs. OU basketball game.  

The game was a couple of weeks ago, so my parents kept the kids while Steve and I headed to Lawrence.  
There is nothing like watching a game in Allen Fieldhouse.  

 Half time show--very awesome.  At this point in the game I thought KU was going to own the ball game. And I was thrilled....Steve not so much!
 Kids sent us a text saying they loved us :) 
 Soon after the 2nd half began, KU was down after having a 20 point lead...this is where I got a little nervous and Steve started perking up!!
 However, KU pulled out the win in the end!!!
 We have yet to master the selfie I don't know how many times we tried inside and out to take one and it still wasn't great.....but it will work :) 
We had a great time and it was a nice little get away for us.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!
We hope to take the kids to a KU bball game and an OU football game next season.  We think they would enjoy it as much as we do!!!

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