Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentine's 2015

Valentines and come and gone, some musings from the holiday :)

The kids making their Valentines....

 Final Product
 Hunter's Valentine mailbox
 Reanna made both of these for Steve and I.
From my favorite Bible verse......

 The kids got their Valentine's gift a day early since we were going to be gone most of Valentines Day.
 My Little Loves.

For Valentines Eve, all of us headed out of town for a kid free night.  Supper, Movie (for the ladies), Casino (for the guys but we joined in later) and great friends.  I came out ahead in my winnings (I am not a huge gambler so was so excited to win) and we were up until wee hours of he morning.  Glad we decided to stay at the hotel there.  The next morning we all went our separate ways.  Our way included a yummy lunch together and shopping.  So thankful for our time away.  But as always we missed the kiddos,  Thanks to my parents for watching our kids so we could go. (And to all the grandparents who watched kiddos for our night out)!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Name Gallery #11

Some New additions to our Gallery!

Kooper's name in the sand on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware.  A coworker of mine did this for us.  She lost a grandbaby and so she put the kids' name in the sand!  So thoughtful of her!!

I was doing some baking and just thought why not? :) 

 Kooper would have been 3 in January which means he would have been able to start our Wednesday Night Plugged in at Church.  

 Randomly my cousin sends me a text that is in Memory of Kooper.  This was the last one she had sent.  Kooper's eyes had not opened yet when he was born.  So I know the first time he opened his eyes, he saw the face of Christ.  As bad as I wish that his first time he was looking at me (that is my selfish side) but how amazing to look into Jesus' eyes. 

Just a poem I had found!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Regular" Season

This year Reanna played in a different league--Marion League.  Here are some shots from the "regular" season.  They still are playing in some tournaments however.

 Getting instruction from one of her coaches!

 Opening Tip :)
 Foul Shot
 Her team placed 2nd in their league. So very proud of them.  They played hard at all their games and gave it their best!  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hunter's 1st Basketball "Season"

This was Hunters 1st Season to play basketball.  It was so fun to watch and he gave it his all!!

Most of these pictures need no explanation.--However I will narrate some of the photos :) 
 Hunter had one of his buddies--Cole on his team this year.  And Cole's dad Brian was one of the coaches.  He was excited to have a friend on his team!
 He LOVES playing defense!!

 His first game was against Cole and Hunter's other buddies Asher and Cru!
 Love these Ornery boys!!

 Check out that take off :)

 When you fall down you get up and go some more!!

 Love his face here!!
 Check out that tongue!!
 Medals and Team pictures!!