Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GG & Papa Don's Christmas

The Sunday after we celebrated Christmas at my grandparents house.

 We had two new babies join the family.  One of them joined the family the day after Christmas and I can't wait to meet her.  We have yet to do so!

 He was excited about something...The kids all opened their gifts and stocking....of course spoiled as usual. I believe there were cars, tool sets, new bag, crafts, outdoor toys...and so on :)   My grandparents gave Kooper his annual snowflake yearly ornament.  Love these!!!!

 The infamous traveling topsy turvy's

On a side note, we did a short Christmas with my friend Dorothy--it is always good to see her and catch up.  She of course spoiled the kids with gifts....A new glow in the dark turtle watch for Hunter and a Pink Pashmina (I just have to use that word) for Reanna.  She also gave them a set of books that she used to read all the time as a kiddo.  They are large chapter books but Reanna is ready to dig in :)

~So thankful for our family and friends. Love our time spent together and grateful for all the kids.  We are extremely grateful for the biggest gift of all--Our Savior Jesus Chris.  The real Reason for the Season. Farewell to 2014!~

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