Friday, January 23, 2015

Take 2

My brother bought Reanna tickets to Cirque De Soleil Varekai for Christmas.  The show was this past weekend.  They headed out early in the afternoon and arrived to find out that the online confirmation gave them the wrong time.  Needless to say my brother was not happy!
If you know my brother he can be vocal so he went to the ticket office and politely yet matter of factly told them what was up.  They ended up replacing his tickets.  He thought the seats were not great when he got the new tickets.

 Because of the time issue they had to wait like an hour or longer before the next show started so off to Starbucks they went :)

When they arrived back to the arena and found they seats.....much to his surprise they found out the tickets were much better than he thought and maybe a little closer than what his others were.  He decided he shouldn't be too upset about THEIR mixup--they made it up!

 He is such a good uncle!!! And not to mention he not only bought her Starbucks but I believe Cotton Candy, Smoothie and Chipotle were involved as well.  Let's just say spoiled!  
She loved the show.  When she was telling me about it her eyes were so big!  Memories!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

A new addition....

We have a new addition to the family.   My Cousin Larissa had her baby girl, Lauren Elissa the day after Christmas.  She weighed 8 lbs 11oz.  So sweet.  She looks just like my cousin when she was a baby and I used to hold her :) Ahhhh!!!

 Proud Big Brother

I have yet to meet this little sweetheart (they do live in a different city than we do) due to sickness but now that things have hopefully got back to normal I plan to make a trip real soon. I need a baby fix.

On a side note, this seems to be the year for babies in our family, my other cousin also just had one in early December and then I have 2 more cousins due in a few months.  :) 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


We found out recently that Reanna has to get glasses.  And not only does she need glasses, she need bifocals.  Wow....the kid definitely takes after her mom and dad. 

So of course we had to pick out some frames, here were some samples.

 And this was the WINNER. So Cute!!! :)

As of right now she doesn't need to wear them when she is doing sports, gym, outside act, etc but eventually she will need to.  I told her if she could show up that she is responsible for this first year with her glasses that we would look at contacts next year......Stay tuned :)

Happy New Year 2015

On New Years Eve, we really lived it up :)  We were in Jammies by 9 and then watched a movie.  But we did stay up until Midnight and shot off some confetti and then it was off to bed. The kids had built a tent so they slept in that (after we cleaned up the tons of confetti that was ALL over) :) 

Here is to a wonderful New Year!!