Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Mystery of Christmas

This year the church did something a little different for the Christmas Sunday Services--it was a musical/drama program.  Both of the kiddos were able to be in the program and they had to perform for both Services that Sunday.. Hunter was only 1 of 3 Kindergartners that did the full program. The story centered around the True Meaning of Christmas in a more modern way. Very Cute!!!

When they started this, the kids had to "sign" a commitment saying they would attend the practices, rehearsals and then work on it outside of church.  They practiced every Sunday for almost 2 months along with 2 rehearsals.  Reanna tried out for a solo early on and ended up with 3 of them (2 of them were in one song).  We were very proud of her and she did very well!!!

Hunter will tell you that he had a solo too :) His solo was when the other preschoolers and kindergartners (that did not participate in the whole program) came up to sing "Away in the manager".  It was too funny to hear him describe his "solo" :)  We were very proud of him too, not only for being involved but being focused and well behaving at all the practices and during both services. 

Before the program

 Singing Solo #2

 Singing Solo #1

 The True Meaning of Christmas.  We are so thankful that they were involved in this, it just helped a little more for them to understand why we Celebrate Christmas and what it is all about.  

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