Wednesday, December 31, 2014

25 days of Kindness

Along with the 25 days of books we did (tried) 25 days of kindness.

Our List
1. The kids went with GG and Papa Don and got presents for children off the Angel Tree
2. We went to "Mini Main" to pick out gifts for the family and supported local community organizations.
3. One morning we baked goodies and took over to the Volunteers of  The Lindsborg Churches' Thrift Shop. The money from this shop goes back into the Churches to help in their community!

4. Picking out toys for the Toy Drive
5. We bought breakfast for the car behind us one morning...then she paid it forward (or as she said backwards) :)  So that was a double kindness :) 
6. Donated food to the Food Bank for Christmas Baskets
7. Bought "Adopt a Grandparent" Gifts.  These gifts went to nursing homes so that the residents would have gifts to open for Chrismtas!
8. Our December Church Family night consisted of taking the Trolley and going to the Nursing home to Carol. 
 We love Ms. Emily

9. More Gifts for more children on the Angel Tree
10. We purchased a Christmas Tree for the School Library.  There's was needing replaced so we helped them out.
11. Papa Ray's brother passed away shortly before the holidays, so the kids made a sympathy card for him.
 12. We purchased necessity items for the local women's home. 
 13.  Took hats and mittens to the community Mitten Tree that is then distributed out to children in our schools.

 14. Reanna used her own money (because she wanted to) and gave to the bell ringer for the Salvation Army.
 15. Played Secret Santa to a co-worker of mine. 
 16. Donated a pair of pj's to children in Foster Homes
 17. Donated to the church staff for Christmas.  So deserving!!
 18. We haven't done it yet but Steve and I will be donating blood. I had to wait until the first of the year to complete this. 

19. We made up and took a friend of ours a Surgery Care package before she had her knee replaced.

20. We will be taking a present to a special little girl's "resting place".  

We didn't quite make 25 and we didn't get all of them in the 25 days leading up to Christmas but we tried. We decided we always get so much that we wanted to give back.  And sometimes the littlest things mean so much to people.  We want to continue this randomly throughout the year. 

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