Saturday, November 29, 2014

Throw Back

I know it is not Thursday but I found an SD card with a bunch of pics on it so thought I would document--

Take time for some selfies :)
 4th of July 2014
 Colorado 2008, I was pregnant with Hunter. Wow let me tell you that the ride to Estes Park and pregnant tend to make for a nauseous momma!

 Carter, Mal and Reanna--they were so little!

 I love when she wrinkles her nose!!!

 4 Generations
 5 Generations
 Dad driving a racecar!! 
 Copper Mountain 2006
 Reanna and Mal. 

 I think this was at Cassie's Graduation party

 Love this picture of my parents!
 Always Sylin'
 Halloween 2006 (I think)
 5 Generations
 Gma Clara's 90th Birthday!
 Amber and I
 I have always loved this picture of her!

 Wow where did time go.  Seems like yesterday

 Uncle Jesse
 Getting ready to leave the hospital (Reanna)

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